Early Release, Late Release – Hong Kong Election Accusations

First it was early.

When one of the Deans at Baptist University had preliminary polling data on the popularity of Chief Executive candidates he let is fly. Widespread reporting followed – along with accusations that the report was released early in order to favour one candidate in the race for Hong Kong Chief Executive role.

The blog, Hong Kong Election, provides the following synopsis:

According to the course of events narrated in one Chinese daily, Zhao was originally a supporter of Leung and thus his first survey that showed Leung leading in popularity.  But then the university council’s chairman Wilfred Wong, a declared Tang supporter, exerted influence on Zhao.  The dean therefore changed his stance and announced premature results of the second popularity survey that showed Tang catching up with Leung.

In the end Professor Zhao Xinshu resigned as dean of the School of Communications of Baptist University last week.

Now it’s the late release of information causing a ruckus.

In 2001 Chief Executive candidate Leung Chin-Ying (Leung)served on a panel of selectors to choose the design for the proposed West Kowloon Arts Hub. This multi-million dollar project will provide a central location for all the arts in Hong Kong. Think New York’s Lincoln Center or London’s Barbican Centre. Now that he’s running for Chief Executive an unnamed source in the government issued a release stating Leung had failed to disclose a connection between one of his businesses and the winning design firm.

Yes – that’s right. An unnamed government source announcing a possible violation of conflict of interest 11 years later.

All of this comes as the public popularity of Leung continues to grow.

Yet many “in the know” say that Chief Executive candidate Henry Tang Ying-yen(Tang)  is the candidate favoured by Beijing.

So when Baptist University re-released the survey it showed Tang catching up. And the Arts Hub ruckus occurs a week later, again to discredit Leung.

In a country without negative campaign advertising the ability to find mud isn’t limited. This is politics at its dirtiest.

Larson Re-Interpreted

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