Yo’ Rudd! YouTube Superstars Pay a Price

It’s not easy being a superstar on YouTube.

Not that I have any direct experience. My uploads are limited to my son saying hello to my mother in America. But still.

Today it’s the turn for Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia and now Minister for Foreign Affairs for the nation. He is purported to be in a come-back bid for the top job. How else to explain that footage made years back appeared over the weekend. Kevin – as you will see – is not happy.

What’s not surprising to those who follow politics is the timing of the release. These out-takes are usually discarded. Yet years later – when one Member of Parliament calls for Rudd to be returned as rightful PM – the clip appears. The Sydney Morning Herald¬†headline says it all – “Now It’s Dirty.”

But on YouTube you’re nobody until someone makes a parody video. New (and anonymous) user PoliRemix released a wonderful song sampling Mr Rudd and his expletive-laden outburst. I never knew Kev was such a rocker!

So – millions of views, news media reports, parody videos – YouTube seems to offer it all! It might be worth checking back in with UCLA Girl. Her video denounced Asian students talking on their mobile phones in the library right after the Japan tsunami. Alexandra Wallace wound up dropping out of college and moving home due to death threats.

Kevin Rudd already had to move homes once. He was forced out of The Lodge – the Prime Minister’s residence – when he lost the job. Maybe the parody video will help him connect with younger voters so he can move back in. Stranger things have happened…

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