Social Media Hangover #3Shots

Last Friday Kreab Gavin Anderson hosted a social media event in Hong Kong. Entitled ‘Three Shots of Social Media’ the event featured three speakers talking about the practical applications of social media in a business-to-business setting. Thanks to Josie Tao and Paul Gregory of Regus Asia. And thanks as well to Allan Schoenberg of CME Group.

As usual any event is a success or failure thanks mainly to organisation. In this case I was blessed to have the fantastic organisation skills of Candy Chen and Josephine Leung, both at KGA in Hong Kong. They made the event seem simple and seamless.

Thank you to the 32 people who arrived before our 8:30 am start time. I learned a valuable lesson. Perhaps our next #3Shots event will take place after work, and we;ll replace the espresso with something a tad stronger!

Thanks to Allan Schoenberg

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