#3Shots Highlights: How Social Media is Challenging Government Communications in Japan, China

Social Media is challenging the traditional forms of government communications, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Japan and China. In the aftermath of the 3/11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident in Japan the government started communicating in English across platforms like Twitter. Social media was needed to ensure audiences worldwide were abreast of the latest safety information. One year on it’s still vital as Japan seeks to re-build and return to normalcy.

In China the high-profile collapse of Bo Xilai has led to unprecedented censorship moves to try to staunch rumours of political unrest and a possible coup. Yet despite the best efforts of censors more than one million updates have been posted from China on sites like Sina Weibo and Twitter. There are creative ways around the blockades.

These were the two examples used to portray the fast-evolving nature of social media in government communications. Last night 30+ communications, business and social media leaders gathered at Azure Restaurant on the top of LKF Hotel in Central, Hong Kong. They contributed to the discussion led by Jonathan Kushner and Walter Jennings, both of Kreab Gavin Anderson – the sponsor for the night’s event.

In China, the challenges are only going to become more complex. Mobile internet is spreading rapidly and the major telecommunications carriers are investing US$11 billion in China over the next three years. Expected uptake of 4G technology means faster uploads of richer content – like photos and videos – that aren’t as easy to “word search” and censor. What does this mean for the “Great Firewall of China”? And if there is free-flowing information what does that mean politically in the long-term?

These were a few of the issues addressed by the gathering. For more information and to sign up for notices on our next event, please visit Meet Up: http://www.meetup.com/3Shots/

You can follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #3Shots.

For a copy of the presentation from last night, click here: #3Shots of Social Media – Challenges for Japan, China – Social Media – KGA

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