Social Media, Facebook & China: Insightful essay from ‘The New Yorker’

To those who read my blog, you know how frequently I write about social media in China. I was forwarded this article from a colleague in Beijing. It discusses the “me too” nature of China’s social media platforms, and the lack of innovation that will lead to longer term economic problems. (Read more here.)

“The larger problem is existential: The nation that so often reminds the world that it invented printing, paper, gunpowder, and the compass is exceedingly uncomfortable about how far back it has to reach to name its world-beating inventions.”  (Evan Osnos for The New Yorker)

The article is written by Evan Osnos, who is based in China and has been a full-time writer for The New Yorker since 2008. Brilliant writing, Evan!

I heartily recommend you read it – very insightful, and of course, well written!

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