Bold Assertion: China is the Largest Kleptocracy in the World

Every kid’s been tempted. Whether it was a dinosaur-shaped eraser or a purple bottle of nail polish. There’s something exhilarating and emboldening about taking something from the local store. I recall vividly having to walk back into a store with my Mom when I was maybe 6 or 7. I was returning a coloured pencil.

But it must have been exhilarating and emboldening for John in Bronte, Australia to post his blog on Sunday. Entitled “The Macroeconomics of Chinese Kleptocracy” opens with a bold assertion:

“China is a kleptocracy of a scale never seen before in human history.” – Bronte Capital

This well-written essay then provides an economist’s rationale for the wide-spread theft and the impact on China’s economy.

Rather than…borrow…the blog post I’d suggest you click here to read the article.

Then get your hand out of that cookie jar!

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