Where are we from? HONG KONG! What do we like? PROTESTS!

We here in Hong Kong love a good protest. We arrive en masse in an orderly fashion – queuing politely to exit the MTR at the designated assembly spot. We bring placards and banners with wonderfully pithy sayings. We gather around a wide range of causes from income inequality to political corruption to basic freedoms.

Hell, we even protested at a Dolce & Gabbana store when they refused to allow Hong Kongers to take photos of their store (something they allow Mainlanders to do).

Protesters Outside D&G

But nothing brings this city together more than Hu Jintao, the President of China. Tens of thousands will show up to protest…everything.

Hu is due in town later today. He’s booked out two hotels for his entourage (The Grand Hyatt and the Hyatt Regency). He’s staying three days. On 1 July he will swear int he new Chief Executive CY Leung and his Administration. He flies out that same day just before the biggest protest gets underway at Victoria Park.

But Hu may have troubles seeing the protesters.  Police are deploying two metre high water barriers around the hotel and convention centre.

Two meter (six-foot) tall barriers block protesters

The officially designated protest zones have not been revealed yet. Yet most are expected further from the action than usual. To overcome this distance a smaller zone is prepared. This will accommodate 5-10 protesters. Hong Kong government officials will accept written messages for Hu.

“Your problem just got bigger. Think, what have you done?”

Of course these preparations have been decried by protest organisers. Some have called it a “public relations show.”

“Hu will have no chance to see the city’s real face. Hong Kong has become a city of barriers,” said Lee Cheuk-yan of the Labour Party

On the upside we may all be able to protest in peace. Police have been advised to avoid arresting anyone during the demonstrations. This has never been a city of rowdy demonstration. Don’t expect a WEF-Davos-G20 melee.

Hong Kong is a polite town, even when there are 500,000 of us united in protest.

Polite but still angry!

4 thoughts on “Where are we from? HONG KONG! What do we like? PROTESTS!

  1. This is incredible……cheers to all you Hong Kong protesters. Wish thos in here in US could take a page from your book. Joan

  2. Hong Kong today is more democratic than time under the British rule. I tell you why:

    a. In the 70s, a handful of students protesting against the government in Victoria Park. Guess what, they ended up beaten up by police, led by a British inspector.

    b. A man Mr. SC So protested against the insatiable greed of the Star Ferry price rise. He was arrested, jailed. His whole life was ruined. He never got a proper job.

    c. Now, with 60,000 or 400,000 people protesting on July 1st, they were left to protest for the whole day. This never happened in the old British colony.

    d. People has short memory, sad to say that. Did Hong Kong ever has democracy in the 150 year of British rule? Why the last governor Chris Patton bring up democracy in the 90s, at the very end of the rule? Why not over such long period of hundred years?

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