Illegal Structure? New HKG CEO May Have “Incorrect” Memories

Alzheimer Sticky Notes Wall

I hate when that happens.

You know – you buy a new house, make a lot of alterations, then when the media find out they’re all illegal you forgot what you did. Was that gazebo there when I bought the place? Or did I design and build it after I moved in. It’s so hard to remember. After all, it was less than ten years ago.

Today the news is dominated by the new Chief Executive’s illegal housing structures – again (see my earlier post). The issue that brought down Henry Tang as Chief Executive candidate now threatens the starting days of CY Leung’s Administration.

What’s making headlines? An admission by Leung’s ExCo member (Executive Committee – similar to a Presidential Cabinet). Barry Cheung Chun-Yuen said CY Leung “may have remembered incorrectly.” To another question Carrie Lam said, “one’s memory may differ from time to time…but he did not use it as an excuse.”

Politicians need to be careful when they use excuses. Sometimes the excuse is worse than the problem.

Henry Tang made a tearful apology for his underground illegal structure. He said it was his wife’s house. She must have done the work. He gave it to her after he’d been discovered as an adulterer. That was in 2009. (Engineers concur the building works are so deep they could only have been built before the house went up.)

Oriental Daily: “(Henry Tang) Made His Wife a Scapegoat”

Bill Clinton said he didn’t think oral sex counted as sex when he denied having sex with Monica Lewinsky. (Sorry to keep repeating one word – but maybe when it’s used in the name of the act it’s considered sex?)

Clearly they enjoyed whatever that was

So here we have a brand-new Chief Executive in charge of the nation. And he’s got a bad memory? Is that perhaps worse than making illegal alterations to a property?

Overall the controversy is continuing and continuing because ineffective communications never resolve the issue. But there’s an upside. Maybe we’ll forget all about it?

Forgetting to Remember

This is a great song – and terribly apropos…

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