Students or Pawns? ATV Accuses Washington, London of Meddling in HKG Politics

Otherwise known as students, according to ATV.

The battle over national education took an unusual twist yesterday after a newscaster described protesting students as “pawns” in a political game being played between Beijing, Hong Kong, London and Washington. (See my earlier post: Culture Wars: Hong Kong, China & Education.)

The Communications Authority received over 10,000 complains yesterday about a current affairs programme “ATV Focus” broadcast on Monday evening.

The ATV program said Hong Kong’s political forces could be broadly categorized as “constructive” and “destructive”. Student group Scholarism has been used by the “destructive camp” like a chess piece to assist its campaigning for the LegCo Election. ATV said the student group was used by politicians who had the backing of anti-China elements in London and Washington.

Complaints received by the authority slammed ATV’s reporting as biased, inaccurate and defamatory.

Meanwhile an ATV reporter covering education demonstrations faced challenges. A young protester bared his buttocks behind a female newscaster and more than a dozen others gave the camera a thumbs down in a mass “photo-bombing,” according to Hong Kong Standard.

ATV is a 24 hour Cantonese channel from Hong Kong. This channel delivers up-to-date news, current affairs, popular dramas, movies, talk shows and children’s entertainment.

Meanwhile, Chief Editor of ATV News Fung Siu-ning resigned from his position last evening which the TV operator denied as having any connection with the controversy.

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