Is Hong Kong’s Top Leader Humming “Beds Are Burning”?

I know what song CY Leung is humming.

Hong Kong’s newly appointed Chief Executive cancelled his trip to the APEC Summit in Russia with extremely short notice. Rumour is he was ordered to stay home. Protesters are occupying the Legislative Council demanding changes to National Education be scrapped.

“The time has come…To say fair’s fair…How do we sleep while our beds are burning” Beds Are Burning, Midnight Oil

The government announced yesterday that Chief Executive CY Leung has cancelled his trip to Russia to attend the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting to focus on domestic matters.  Sources said Leung would need to make important decisions concerning issues like the opposition to national education, the extension of Individual Visit Scheme and the introduction of property cooling measures.

Financial Secretary John Tsang, who left yesterday for Russia to attend the meetings on Leung’s behalf, has been asked to meet with the Philippine President to convey the demands of the victims of the Manila hostage crisis.

Apple Daily reported that the cancellation was a command from the central government given the fact that it was announced only nine hours before Leung’s departure.  Also, Leung promised the families affected by the Manila hostage crisis earlier this week to directly reflect their demand to the Philippine President during the APEC meetings.

The cancellation did not appear to be Leung’s own decision and might be indicative of the central government losing confidence in him.

“Leung needs to come out and face the students,” said one protester named Lau, according to BusinessWeek

Meanwhile I also know what the protesters are singing.

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