Bad Day at the Border

Arrested Traders Escorted by Police

Yesterday Police and Customs Officers raided a warehouse in Hong Kong near the border with China. More than 130 “parallel importers” were arrested and their good seized. These couriers buy cheap Hong Kong goods then re-sell them across the border in Mainland China. Seized were a number of goods, including seafood and red wine.

The raids come as a result of prolonged aggravation for locals in the vicinity of the last MTR station before the border of China. Local merchants frequently sell out of essentials – from canned foods to baby formula.

Many of these parallel traders make three or more trips a day across to Hong Kong. They’ve been blamed for everything from shortages of essential items to clogging the MTR system.

Past attempts to limit day-traders included threatened inspection of large parcels or limitations of in-out passes.

(NOTE: Apologies this was written last Friday and posted just today.)

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