From Today’s Cantonese Press

Leung provides preview of his LegCo address

Yesterday, Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying offered a preview of the topics he would discuss today in his LegCo address. Leung indicated that he would talk about shelving plans to restructure the government because proceeding with the restructuring would waste energy and risk splitting LegCo. He said it would be better to focus on issues of importance to Hong Kong citizens. In particular, he would advocate expanding the land supply and building more public housing, discuss strategies to alleviate poverty, push for greater integration with the mainland and support for Hong Kong factories, and remove the most polluting vehicles from Hong Kong’s streets.

Mak Chai-kwong to report to the ICAC today

Former Secretary for Development Mak Chai-kwong, Assistant Director of the Highways Department Tsang King-man, and their wives will give a second report to the ICAC this morning at 11am in regard to allegations of wrongful acceptance of civil service tenancy allowances. The defendants are facing allegations of three separate violations of Section 9(3) of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance by providing false documents with the intent to deceive. If the two men are formally indicted, they will appear tomorrow before the Magistrate Court of Eastern District. Their wives have not been included in the lawsuit.

Pro-establishment legislators chosen to lead 80 percent of LegCo committees

LegCo yesterday selected 20 panel and sub-committee chairmanships. Eighty percent of the seats were taken by pro-establishment legislators. The most chilling result from the perspective of the pan-democrats was that Wong Yuk-man of the People Power Party, with the support of the pro-establishment lawmakers, succeeded in being selected to chair the Information Technology and Broadcasting Panel, resulting in a double loss for default chairman Charles Peter Mok.

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