From Today’s Cantonese Press

Deadly accident on an artificial island for the HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

The artificial islands created for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which were previously held up by a two-year lawsuit over an environmental impact assessment, have seen their first human casualty. Yesterday, a wheel that controls the motion of a work platform within a large metal cylinder built to facilitate the construction of a support pillar broke, causing the platform to fall by over three meters. Fifteen workers were thrown into structural supports and iron bars. One worker was killed. The other 14 were injured. The police and the Labour Department are currently investigating the reason for the accident.


The senior subsidy may not pass LegCo in October

Responding to lawmakers’ allegations that the proposed senior subsidy plan had not undergone adequate discussion, Executive Secretary Carrie Lam yesterday recommended to the LegCo Financial Committee that a special meeting be held next Tuesday to decide on the budget allocation. Nevertheless, the Welfare Committee still put forth a motion to adjourn discussion of the subsidy in the Financial Committee today. Their motion has a high chance of passing. The chairman of the Financial Committee says that if the motion passes, the government will have to wait another five days before raising the issue of the allocation.


Sea creatures to be moved to make way for artificial beach

Yesterday, the government announced that it had decided to go ahead with the construction of a HK$280 million artificial beach in Lung Mei, Tai O. Construction will begin next month and will be completed in time for the swimming season in 2015. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department will help move affected sea creatures, including fish, sea cucumbers, starfish and sea urchins to nearby East Ting Sha. The government also proclaimed a “Ting Kok Plus” plan, under which it will take the lead in protecting the ecology of the Ting Kok seashore. The government will ask environmental groups to discuss the protection plan and plans to hold a related meeting before the end of the year. However, at least one environmental group has already labeled the government’s approach as “false conservation.”


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