From Today’s Cantonese Press

Losing camp in Yung Kee suit to open rival roast duck restaurant

Yesterday, a judge ruled against the eldest and youngest sons of Kam Kwan-sing, the second-generation owner of Yung Kee Restaurant, in a case covering the wind-up of the restaurant’s mother company. Kam Kwan-sing’s estate must now pay the HK$30 million legal fees of Ronald Kam, the defendant, who is the second son of Kam Kwan-sing. The losing brothers have declared their intention to leave Yung Kee, a HK$1.3 billion enterprise frequented by famous diners, and establish a competing roast duck restaurant. Regarding their decision, Ronald Lam has declared that he is not opposed to competition so long as that competition does not violate the Yung Kee trademark.


Government appoints three journalists

The government announced a third round of appointments for assistant secretary and political assistants yesterday. Kevin Yeung, principal assistant secretary for food and health, will become the undersecretary for education. Professor Sophia Chan, a former director of research at the University of Hong Kong’s nursing school, will become undersecretary for food and health. The government also appointed three journalists as political assistants. Carmen Cheung, a former political editor for The Standard, will be the political assistant to Chief Secretary Carrie Lam. Former Ming Pao local news editor Julian Law will assist the financial secretary. Finally, Zandra Mok, a former senior reporter with TVB, was reappointed as the political assistant for the secretary of Labour and Welfare. Yet another member of the news community, editor Rebecca Chan of NowTV News, is tipped to become a political assistant for the secretary of food and health.


MPF Employee Choice Arrangement now in effect

The Employee Choice Arrangement of the Mandatory Provident Fund scheme takes effect today. As of now, 2.35 million workers have rights over their fund allocation and can freely choose a provider. The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority has put an open record of licensed providers on its website for workers to consult. According to experts, workers should not be too hasty to make changes. They should observe the situation for a few months before making any big decisions.

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