Tiny China: Life in a Capsule Apartment

Miss Chen getting ready for work

Wuhan is the most heavily populated city in central China with 6.5 million residents. As such space in the city centre sells for a premium. One entrepreneur, Wang Jia, converted a six story building into 55 apartments. Each totals 4.5 square metres – or 48 square feet. On eBay you can buy 12 interlocking gym mats that total 48 square feet.

Simpler yet – I am 6 foot tall. This apartment would fit me lying down, then allow me 8 feet from my bedroom wall to the door.

In that space is a kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom. Consider it a cell with a shower.

In Wuhan that hasn’t stopped enterprising couples and singles from turning the space into their own. Ms Chen works in a department store and gets her make-up ready each day (above). Mr Wu and Mr Yan are rarely home at the same time so there’s space for both (below). I like Ms Zhang – she’s not let her date washing hair interrupt her visit with a friend (bottom).

More photos of life in a capsule apartment can be found here on China Daily.

Mr Wu and Mr Yan share a small apartment.


Miss Zhang and her friend.

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