From Today’s Cantonese Press

3,000 people protest the construction of artificial Lung Mei beach

On Sunday, a sea of over 3,000 blue-clad people descended on Tamar Park to protest the government’s intention to build an artificial beach at Lung Mei in Tai O. The police estimated turnout at 370. According to the Alliance on Protecting Lung Mei, a citizens’ group set up to conserve the area, if the government does not abandon plans to build the beach within six weeks, they will call for a judicial review of the project. Despite the protest, the government indicated that the construction of the beach would move forward as planned.


Housing secretary urges public to support flat construction

Yesterday, Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung Bing-leung visited Sham Shui Po to talk to Hong Kong citizens who are living in severely cramped conditions and listen to their input on the city’s housing situation. Cheung admitted that the proposed construction of 150,000 apartments would not be enough to cover demand. He acknowledged that the government was facing a situation of scarce land supply. He also urged Hong Kong people to come together to resolve the problem. If the housing situation remains unresolved, social stability will be impacted, he said. He further noted that, while the government has no interest in instituting rent controls, authorities will not stand idly by if rents continue to rise.


148 people get blood tests after HKU dental clinic infection scare

Last night, the Hong Kong University (HKU) dental clinic reported that it had already contacted 237 out of 250 people who may have been exposed to Hepatitis B and HIV due to a negligence-related failure to completely sanitize dental equipment. The clinic has already given blood tests to 148 people. Because signs of Hepatitis B and HIV may not show up until at least four weeks and three months after infection respectively, the clinic will retest the affected people in six months.

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