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Apologies for the delay – it’s been one of those Mondays!

Former Sun Hung Kai Chairman linked to HK$9 billion London fraud case

According to information obtained by Sing Tao, former Chairman and Chief Executive of Sun Hung Kai Properties Walter Kwok has been linked to a UK fraud case covering the theft of GBP740 million (HK$9.1 billion) from an Irish bank. The defendants in that case, British property magnate Achilleas Kallakis and his business partner, have been accused of submitting forged guaranties backed by Sun Hung Kai to apply for loans from Allied Irish Bank, which they then used to invest in high-end London properties. On the evening of 31October, Kwok issued a teleconference testimony for the prosecution of the Crown Court Southwark using a technology-enhanced courtroom at the Hong Kong High Court. He maintains that he had no knowledge of the loan guaranties while serving as Chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties.


Cat-killing duo apprehended thanks to security cameras

Responding to netizens’ outrage, police have arrested a man and a woman for involvement in the beating to death of a cat. The two people were among a group of five young people who took pictures of the dying cat as it was vomiting blood and posted the photos online. Police showed security camera still shots of the youths to residents who live in the area where the cat was killed. The residents led the police to the two arrested individuals, both of whom live in the building where the incident took place.


Wheelchair-bound elderly protesters call for universal pension scheme

This Friday, LegCo’s Finance Committee will once again deliberate the government’s proposed senior subsidy scheme. In the run-up to this deliberation, Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam and Secretary for Labor and Welfare Matthew Cheung have both urged LegCo to allocate the necessary funds. For their own part, a group of 2,000 seniors, many of whom were in wheelchairs, marked Senior Citizens’ Day yesterday, by holding a protest outside of the government’s headquarters. The protesters demonstrated their support for a universal pension scheme and their opposition to the use of a means test to limit the number of senior subsidy recipients. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, which has not yet said how it will vote in LegCo, has urged the government to retroactively grant a month of the subsidy to seniors in a year-end allocation.


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