From Today’s Cantonese Press

At Kreab Gavin Anderson we provide clients a daily synopsis of what’s making headlines in the major Chinese newspapers here in Hong Kong. Here is what’s making news today!

Financial Secretary indicates opposition to hand-outs

Yesterday, on his blog, Financial Secretary John Tsang said that, during the consultation process for the Policy Address and the Budget, some people had suggested that the government should focus more on long-term programs and increase regular expenditures as opposed to relying on one-off hand-outs to the public. Tsang said that he agreed with these suggestions. He emphasized that the Central Policy Unit should do research and conduct consultations before promoting new policies and services. Only once a social consensus has been reached can financial resources be properly deployed, he said. Nevertheless, government sources say that while Tsang has not ruled out the possibility of hand-outs, he doesn’t want the public to expect them.


Greenpeace calls for a freeze on electricity prices for low users

Next month, CLP and Hong Kong Electric will announce higher electricity tariffs. Now, Greenpeace is taking aim at CLP for its price rise plan. The NGO has criticized CLP for selling surplus electricity to the mainland while buying more expensive electricity from the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant. Under this arrangement, every year, Hong Kong pays HK$1 billion for electricity. Greenpeace wants CLP to reduce its electricity sales to the mainland in order to reduce its purchase of the more expensive electricity from the Shenzhen nuclear plant by a corresponding amount. Greenpeace also wants CLP to freeze the electricity rates for low-electricity-using consumers.


Rita Fan urges Leung Chun-ying for a new explanation of his illegal structures

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s 14-page statement on the illegal structures at his property on the Peak, released on Friday, has failed to satisfy some observers. During one event yesterday, Leung didn’t answer journalists’ questions on the matter. Commenting on this situation, National People’s Congress Standing Committee member Rita Fan said that some people accept Leung’s explanation and some people do not. She said that Leung should hold a press conference to clarify the situation. In contrast, former Chief Secretary David Akers-Jones said that Leung’s explanation in writing was a positive thing and that it had already provided an explanation to the public.


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