From Today’s Cantonese Press

All you can read!
All you can read!

Below are the stories dominating the Chinese press in Hong Kong today. This is a service we provide clients (and you) at Kreab Gavin Anderson.

Consumer Council notes a rising trend in cosmetic laser surgery complaints

Yesterday, the Consumer Council revealed that it had received 99 complaints related to laser cosmetic surgery in the first ten months of the year, more than the 78 complaints it received in all of last year. The complaints mainly covered laser and pulsed light procedures, among which 34 cases resulted in side-effects including burns and scars. Former Consumer Council Chief Executive Connie Lau, who currently heads a committee tasked with consumer protection within the UN Conference on Trade and Development, urged consumers not to pay attention to false advertising. She was referring to ads for permanent hair removal that advertise painless and permanent hair removal despite the fact that no permanent hair removal solution exists.


Industry leaders worry about effects of standard working hours on competitiveness

Yesterday, Stanley Lau, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, warned on City Forum that the legislation of standard working hours could reduce Hong Kong’s competitiveness. He recommended other courses of action, such as education and consultation. In response, Labour Advisory Board member Ng Wai-yee said that working hours were indeed too long in Hong Kong and that only legislation would be able to solve the problem. He also said that industry leaders should not be so quick to reject the idea of legislation.


Two cats are killed and dumped in an alley

There is a new cat killer on the loose in Sham Shui Po. Two cats have been found dead, one of which had its abdomen sliced open with a sharp object. The cats were found in an alley that was out of sight of closed-circuit television cameras set up by local stores. Police believe that the killer purposely dumped the cats there so as to make it harder for police to track him or her down.


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