From Today’s Cantonese Press

Government makes the top news today. Here’s what’s making headlines in the Hong Kong press today.

Xi Jinping says Beijing’s approach towards Hong Kong will not change

Yesterday, Vice-President Xi Jinping met with Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, who had traveled to the capital to give an update on his work. Xi expressed support for Leung’s work as Chief Executive, saying that, as a leader, Leung demonstrated an enterprising spirit and pragmatic action. Xi also said that he would continue to support governance in Hong Kong according to the law. Xi mentioned that, following the leadership transition in Beijing, the approach of the central government towards Hong Kong would not change. He said that it was important for everyone to correctly understand and implement One Country, Two Systems, and to respect and protect the Basic Law.


Pan-democrats put the process of impeaching Leung in motion

Yesterday, 27 pan-democrat legislators came together to put the process of impeaching Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying in motion. It was the first time that a Hong Kong Chief Executive had been the subject of an impeachment process. The legislators expect that the matter will be debated on 9 January at the earliest. Democratic Party Chairperson Emily Lau sent a letter to Leung yesterday to explain the pan-democrats’ reasoning and to ask Leung to step down in order to take responsibility for his illegal actions and misconduct in office. The People’s Power Party went further by calling for Leung and other members of his government to all resign.


Management gives in, resolving complaints of Cathay Pacific workers

The management of Cathay Pacific and representatives of the flight crew’s union resolved their differences yesterday. Management promised that, in the coming two years, flight crew stationed in outports would be kept within 15 percent of the total. Additionally, management agreed that at least half of the flights coming and going to outports would be staffed by Hong Kong staff members. Cathay Pacific will also improve the working conditions of staff members who must travel to and from outports. For example, staff members who head to Singapore will be able to stay in a hotel in Singapore as opposed to returning on the same day – a working day of 11 hours. They can also have a HK$500 subsidy.


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