From Today’s Cantonese Press

The days just before major holidays are traditionally quieter times for newspapers. Sometimes a company will “slip” out a news release hoping it will get little attention. That can backfire as bored reporters search for interesting news to cover.

Here’s what is making news in the Chinese media in Hong Kong today.

Police take new actions against suspected parallel traders

News has emerged that mainlanders who bring large quantities of tax-free goods back with them across the border to resell on the mainland, known as parallel traders, are now lining up at Fanling MTR station in order to avoid police attention at Sheung Shui. Sing Tao reports that police and customs officials will be taking new actions over the coming days to curb this practice, including taking video of suspected parallel traders. The video might later be used as evidence to refuse entry to Hong Kong of suspects in the future.


Home Affairs Secretary Tsang announces plan to create artistic spaces

The artistic community has persistently complained about the high rent of redeveloped industrial buildings. In response to their complaints, Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing has said that the government has recently formulated an experimental project to change the land use of a 10,000-square-foot industrial building in Wong Chuk Hang. Through the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the government will offer below-market-value rents to artisans. Tsang said that if other suitable buildings are found, the government will settle the cost of reconstruction with the building owners.


Six dogs found poisoned recently as villagers suspect a killer

A dog was found poisoned in Tsuen Wan a week ago, and, yesterday, another poisoned dog was found in Sha Tao Kok. Police suspect that the second dog ate some poisoned fish. They found a sample of the fish on the scene and are testing it for poison. Local residents of the village in which the second dog was found say that, over the last month, six dogs in the village have died mysteriously. They suspect that someone is killing the animals intentionally.


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