In China, Do They Know It’s Christmastime?

Christmas isn’t a public holiday in Mainland China. Yet in the urban centres many have been exposed to the commercial drive that precedes Christmas elsewhere in the world. Shopping malls in Beijing have trees and garlands. Stores in Shanghai have decorations and gift ideas. Diners in Guangzhou eat to the tune of Christmas carols.

For many couples dinner out on Christmas Eve has become a tradition. It’s hard to get a restaurant reservation. Many of those out are on dates or newly married. The more settled may have a small tree at home.

The celebration of Christmas in China is purely commercial. Christianity is a fledgling religion practiced by the minority. The rest may have hear of Christ but maybe they haven’t connected the decorated tree and Santa Claus with the birth of Jesus.

Christmas isn’t a public holiday in China. Many Western companies ill give the day off the staff regardless. Kreab Gavin Anderson China closes early today to allow people to celebrate Christmas Eve. We are closed tomorrow.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong the celebration of Christmas is a national affair. The Jewish population is smaller than the Muslim community. Hong Kong hasn’t bent to the US trend of wishing ‘Season’s Greetings.’ This is Christmastime all around. It’s meant not to exclude but to include. In Hong Kong, Christmas is a holiday for all.

No matter where you are – or how (or if) you celebrate – Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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