From Today’s Cantonese Press

The bitter cold of winter is upon us – it’s down to 9 degrees at night and today it only reached 16 degrees Celsius. Brrr! But The Apple Daily is keeping things warm by revealing who paid marchers to turn out in support of government.

Apple Daily ties chamber of commerce employee to controversy over payments to pro-Leung protesters

Following a public outcry over the release of images that show young people being paid to participate in New Year’s protests in support of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, the Apple Daily has conducted a special investigation that ties Choi Chi-fung, Associate Director of Publicity of the New Territories General Chamber of Commerce, to the scene. Once a movie star, Choi is well-connected throughout China. He has since entered the commercial world. He obtained his current position based in part on the recommendation of the current head of the chamber.


Zhang Xiaoming expresses Beijing’s support for Leung Chun-ying

James Tien, honorary chairman of the Liberal Party, said yesterday that Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying is already a lame duck and would have trouble being elected by the general public during the 2017 general election. Tien also said the central government might even seek to replace Leung in order to ensure that the public chooses a candidate in 2017 that Beijing can accept. However, Xinhua has reported that Zhang Xiaoming, Director of Beijing’s liaison office in Hong Kong, paid a visit to Leung a few days ago. Xinhua reported that Zhang expressed the central government’s support for Leung and praised his ability to gain broad acceptance by society.


Doctor’s license is revoked for eight months

Yesterday, the Hong Kong Medical Council revoked the license of Dr. Michael Yam Chun Hung, Founder of the I-Sky Beauty and Cutis beauty treatment centers, for eight months. The council explained that for two years, Yam had systematically published false advertisements, such as ads offering stem cell treatments when no stem cells were used, thereby putting the lives of patients at risk. The council said that this false advertising was unethical.


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