From Today’s Cantonese Press

While Victoria Harbour may be getting smaller due to land reclamation, it may finally get the stewardship it deserves. CY Leung is rumoured to be creating a responsible entity to look after what’s left. In other news our CEO survived impeachment – and an errant air conditioning explosions sent diners fleeing. Just another day in the Cantonese press of Hong Kong!


First motion to impeach a Chief Executive fails in LegCo

LegCo rejected a motion to impeach Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying yesterday. The motion only received support from the 27 pan-democrats, and it was strongly opposed by pro-establishment lawmakers. Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam said that the time had come to resolve political problems, stop internal bickering, and give the government time to act. She said that this dispute was not necessary.


Explosion occurs at Ma On Shan restaurant

An explosion occurred at a Ma On Shan restaurant during lunchtime yesterday while an air conditioning service worker was adding coolant into the air conditioning system. Before the explosion, the worker suspected a leak in one of the coolant tanks but was unable to find its source. The explosion created a large fireball and blew out the windows of the restaurant. Over 200 diners fled the restaurant, and several people were seriously injured. The air conditioning service worker suffered burns on his arms, a restaurant waitress was hit on the head, and some children and seniors fell down as people trampled other people to flee the restaurant. In total, 21 people were injured.


Government may set up a harborfront management office

Although the Central harborfront reclamation is mostly complete, development on two pieces of reclaimed land has not yet begun due the failure of a public-private partnership deal that was supposed to lead to construction on the sites. According to a Sing Tao source, the government plans to set up a harborfront management office to address the problem and to ensure that Victoria Harbour has a world-class harborfront. It is rumored that Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s policy address will announce the formation of the office. The Harbourfront Commission will soon open a public consultation to gather opinions on the proposal.

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