Q&A With Shaun Rein, Author – “The End of Cheap China”

Shaun Rein, Author, “The End of Cheap China”

The third time I passed “The End of Cheap China” in an airport I bought it. For me reading is an escape so I always select fiction. The prominent placement at the end of the aisle and the bright blue cover drew me in. I was late for a flight (to China) and paid quickly.

It was the best investment I made.

“The End of Cheap China” is the best contemporary book on China available today. Author Shaun Rein draws on countless first-person interviews and reams of data to portray the top-line issues facing China today. Inflation. Education. Food quality. Cost pressures. And even prostitution. All these weave together into a seamless exposé of China today.

Having enjoyed the book I connected with Shaun on Twitter (follow him @shaunrein). His insights were so on target that I had him interviewed for my client CME Group. Their on-line magazine Open Markets has a daily selection of prescient articles on business and economic issues. The article was published yesterday – you can read the full Q&A here:


When you’re done reading the article buy the book. It’s worth every Renminbi.

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