From Today’s Cantonese Press

From today’s media here in Hong Kong…

Leung asks the Hong Kong Economic Journal to retract article

Last week, the Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ) published an article by columnist Joseph Lian Yi-zheng which suggested that Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s real problem was not his sincerity but his links to triads. The article touched a nerve within Leung, who had his lawyer send letters in Leung’s personal capacity to Lian and the newspaper demanding a retraction and an apology. The HKEJ published a statement today saying that the topics in the article concerned issues of public interest and that Lian only suggested the possibility of Leung having triad links but had never asserted it as fact. The Hong Kong Journalists’ Association has criticized Leung for attempting to scare journalists into silence.


Critics worry that money allocated to district councils might be used to buy favors

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s policy address calls for allocating HK$1.8 billion to district councils for the completion of important district projects. Critics have alleged that the money may be used by pro-government councilors to gain community support by granting favors. However, Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs Raymond Young claims that the Home Affairs Department will have to secure LegCo’s approval for the allocations. He believes that LegCo will not approve money for projects that buy the support of communities.


Hu Chunhua says problems between Hong Kong and Guangdong are common

Yesterday, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying led a group of officials to Guangdong to pay a visit to newly appointed Guangdong Party Secretary Hu Chunhua. Leung expressed that recent changes in relations between Hong Kong and Guangdong have influenced the order of Hong Kong. He thanked Guangdong for its support over problems linked to parallel traders and mainland mothers who wish to have second children in Hong Kong. Hu said that problems in Hong Kong-Guangdong relations were common because both locations were under development.

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