From Today’s Cantonese Press

“You can’t handle the infant formula!”

Yesterday in court a Mainland man yelled he would never shop in Hong Kong again. This was after he was arrested and found guilty of breaking the two can limit on infant formula exports from this island nation. In other news up to 50% of students have been sexually harassed by other students.

York Chow to head the Equal Opportunities Commission

Yesterday, the government officially appointed former Secretary for Food and Health York Chow as head of the Equal Opportunities Commission. Chow will take over the office from ExCo member Lam Woon-kwong starting from 1 April and will have a three-year term. Chow said that, as head of the commission, he would work to fight discrimination against various groups in society. However, on the question of whether the government should legislate against discrimination based on sexual orientation, Chow said it wasn’t a simple decision.  Some social groups have questioned Chow’s appointment, saying that he has no experience in fighting for equal rights and that, as a former high-level official, he is too close to the government. Gay rights activists are also worried that Chow will not be as interested in promoting their cause as Lam Woon-kwong has been.


Mainlander fined for carrying too much formula refuses to buy goods in Hong Kong again

Yesterday, a court imposed fines of between HK$1,000 and HK$2,500 on four mainlanders who were incarcerated for violating new export restrictions on bringing baby formula back to the mainland. One of the defendants, a manager at CNOOC’s terminals business, complained that the mainland had given much to Hong Kong but that he was not allowed to take an extra can of milk powder back with him. He said that he would not buy goods in Hong Kong in the future and would only buy mainland baby formula. Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man called on mainlanders to understand the reasons for the restrictions, while Alan Hoo, Chairman of the Basic Law institute, claimed that the new restrictions were contrary to the Basic Law.


Half of students say they have been sexually harassed

The Equal Opportunities Commission released yesterday the results of a survey on sexual harassment among primary, middle and high-school students. Among the 6,000 respondents, half say that they have been sexually harassed by people of their own or the opposite gender. The most common type of harassment was unwelcome touching. According to the commission, the survey results show that sexual harassment is a common and serious problem in schools. One girl even said that her skirt had been lifted by a foreign teacher, but that her complaint had not been resolved by her school.


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