From Today’s Cantonese Press

My sister can do that loud whistle. I can’t. And the man who did it in the ear of a policeman during a protest rally can. He has six weeks in jail to practice!

Assistant Director at RTHK claims he was pressured to carry out political missions

According to recent reports, RTHK Acting Assistant Director of TV and Corporate Broadcasting Forever Sze Wing-yuen was not promoted due to his failure to heed the directives of Broadcasting Director Roy Tang Yun-kwong. Yesterday, Sze claimed that his coworkers were feeling political pressure. He said that he also felt pressured to carry out political missions. However, while addressing a meeting of RTHK managers yesterday, Tang denied that he had ever asked colleagues to carry out political missions. He also said that he had not required the public affairs program Headliner to be always broadcasted via ATV. These points were included in a statement that RTHK issued. As an attendee of the meeting, Sze agreed to allow the statement to be distributed.

Tang says time for a consultation on political reform is pressing

Pan-democratic lawmakers had breakfast with Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying yesterday. They called on Leung to begin a consultation on political reforms. Leung responded that the time for a consultation had not yet been reached and that any of the lawmakers’ ideas could be expressed to the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau. However, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Standing Committee member Henry Tang Ying-yen expressed yesterday that legislation on political reforms should be introduced in 2014 and that time for a consultation was pressing. He indicated his belief that citizens wished for adequate time to discuss proposed reforms.

Man who whistled in ear of police officers receives six-week sentence

A construction worker who whistled in the ears of several police officers during the 1 July protest rally last year and was charged with three counts of assaulting police officers has been sentenced to six weeks in jail. Yesterday, the judge hearing his case expressed her view that the defendant had deliberately assaulted the police officers. Moreover, she noted that the defendant was a repeat offender with similar cases on his record. However, the judge permitted the defendant to leave the courthouse on a HK$10,000 bail so that he could wait for an appeal.

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