From Today’s Cantonese Press

The RTHK mess continues – former staff say Roy Tang is unfit to lead. In other news the Chief Executive said – wait for it – that government should take a role in economic development, Who knew?

Leung says government can take a role in economic development

The Economic Development Commission that Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying called for in his first policy address held its first meeting yesterday. Following the meeting, Leung, who chaired the event personally, said that the government should take an appropriate role in economic development. He noted that the government had undertaken direct investment in key assets in the past. If necessary, the government would continue to directly invest in the future. He also indicated that anyone could communicate with him, Financial Secretary John Tsang, or other government officials if they had suggestions or opinions. This would buy time and cut red tape, he said.


Pan-democratic alliance for universal suffrage holds first meeting

Yesterday, an alliance of 24 pan-democratic lawmakers that strives for democratic elections held its first meeting. The convener is former Civic Party Secretary General Cheng Yu-shek. Through the alliance, they hope to unify the strength of the pan-democratic camp to achieve democratic elections. At the moment, the League of Social Democrats has said it will participate. Additionally, People Power Chairman Christopher Lau has said that the party will participate for the time being. However, if the new alliance does not accept a call for democratic legislative elections in 2016 and for the chief executive in 2017, the party will leave the alliance.


Controversy at RTHK continues to escalate

The controversy over the management of RTHK Broadcasting Director Roy Tang has escalated. Yesterday, a former public affairs director at RTHK stated that Tang was unqualified to be broadcasting director. He recommended that staff members begin a movement to express their lack of confidence in Tang. The RTHK Programme Staff Union will call a meeting tomorrow. They plan to call on Tang to provide an explanation in light of the many accusations that have been made against him for interference in programming.

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