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As an American I always associate “I had a dream” with Martin Luther King Jr. Yet in Beijing the ‘dream theme’ re-emerged when incoming President Xi Jinping shared his dream of a Chinese renaissance. That seems in full swing when you look at the progress of the nation in the last two decades. For Hong Kong part of that dream includes a better relationship with Hong Kong. Keep dreaming?

Xi and Li call on SAR residents to act in the national interest

Yesterday, during the closing ceremony of the National People’s Congress, President Xi Jinping spoke on his vision of a “Chinese Dream”. During his speech, Xi said that Hong Kong and Macau residents must act in the overall interest of the nation and of their special administrative regions (SARs) to protect and promote the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macau. Premier Li Keqiang also spoke of Hong Kong and Macau, saying that the central government would spare no effort to undertake actions that increase the welfare of the SARs, deepen the relations between the mainland and the SARs, and protect the long-term prosperity of Hong Kong and Macau.


Hong Kong rocked by another gruesome death

Yesterday, a suspected murder-suicide occurred at The Harbourside in West Kowloon. After ingesting sleeping pills, 47-year-old Wong Suk-kan stabbed her partner Peng Chi-hui, director of a logistics company, over 100 times and nearly chopped off his head. Wong then called her ex-husband, who lives abroad, to tell him that she had committed murder before leaping to her death from the 77th floor. The chief inspector in charge of the case said that Wong had recently been emotionally unstable. The murder followed a case in which a teenager murdered his father and seriously injured his mother with a knife.


Broadcasting director’s role is different, says Lam Woon-kwong

Yesterday, ExCo Convener Lam Woon-kwong weighed in on the controversy over claims that RTHK Broadcasting Director Roy Tang has been restricting editorial independence at the station. Lam said that RTHK is both a part of the government and a public broadcaster. Therefore, he said, the director of broadcasting has a responsibility to act in the public interest, and RTHK has the right to criticize the government’s words and actions. Lam also said that any communication problems between the director and the staff members should be resolved through frank and honest discussion. Meanwhile, a group of about 100 protestors from government support groups marched to RTHK yesterday to demonstrate their support for Tang.


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