Xi Jinping Tells Hong Kong: Stand By Your Man!

Before Xi Jinping’s speech, Hong Kongers used to poke fun at CY Leung.

I know it’s a country western song. And if I cared enough I’d Google to see who sang it. But I can hear the twangy tones without much imagination. “Stand by your man!” It’s so bad it’s good.

Sans guitar, China’s new President Xi Jinping implored the same of everyone in Hong Kong. Xi likes Leung. We all need to fall in line:

“I hope different sectors in the Hong Kong society can be closely united…and actively support Leung’s governance in accordance with law,” said Xi Jinping.

The problem is Hong Kong may need more than a ballad or a plea to support its Chief Executive. Just six weeks ago the approval rating of CY Leung reached a new record. Sadly it was a record low:

“In the monthly survey conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Leung’s rating in January has dropped by 2.5 points to 46.4 points – a record low since he won the election in March last year.” (Source: The South China Morning Post)

Xi Jinping made his pronouncement yesterday in Beijing when Hong Kong’s appointed leader went to Beijing. This was Leung’s first meeting with the newly appointed President of China. Also in attendance were Zhang Dejiang, the designated next-in-charge of Hong Kong and Macau affairs. In a historic first, also in the meeting was Dr Fernando Chui Sai-on, the leader of Macau. Traditionally the President of China met Hong Kong and Macau’s leadership separately.

The support of Beijing’s man in Hong Kong is vital for Xi Jinping to achieve his dream. He sees a renaissance of China and that requires support from the two Special Administrative Regions. (Both Hong Kong and Macau have 50 year transition agreements where “one country, two systems” applies to their administration.)

So here we go. And yes, I did bother. It was Tammy Wynette. Come on Hong Kong!  Sing Along! Stand By Your Man!

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