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Broken doors – and more!

With more than 20 daily newspapers, Hong Kong has the highest per capita newspaper readership of any country in the world. Of those 20, all but a few are in traditional Chinese characters. Therefore the English speakers in Hong Kong miss out on what’s making news in the Cantonese press. At Kreab Gavin Anderson we provide a daily summary for our clients – and friends. I hope you enjoy.

Boarding bridges collapse, pulling door off of airplane

Yesterday, a boarding bridge set collapsed at Chep Lap Kok Airport, pulling the cabin door off a Cathay Pacific airplane. After the passengers had boarded the Japan-bound aircraft, the boarding bridge leading to the economy-class cabin suddenly moved towards the first-class boarding bridge. As the first bridge fell, it caused the second bridge to fall, pulling off the door of the first-class cabin. A bridge operator was injured, having fallen from a height of five meters. After the accident, the airport immediately and temporarily halted the use of similar boarding bridges in order to conduct a comprehensive investigation.


Unions protest ineffective government mediation

The dockworkers’ strike involving Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) has entered its 12th day. Yesterday, workers mobilized nearly 4,000 people to join nearly 100 workers and their families on a protest march from Victoria Park to Cheung Kong Centre and the government headquarters. The marchers, who included students and several organizations, decried what they called ineffective government mediation and called on HIT to become directly involved in the negotiations. According to police, 2,800 people were assembled at the height of the march. The Labor Bureau is expected to attempt another round of mediation today. Separately, the labor union at the MTR corporation is calling for a 7 percent pay rise in order to help attract new candidates following the 2012 to 2017 period, when 75 percent of workers are expected to retire.


Elsie Leung says it will be hard to make the 2017 Chief Executive election perfect

Yesterday, Elsie Leung, Vice-Chairman of the Basic Law Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), said that she did not expect that Hong Kong would develop the perfect plan for electing the Chief Executive in 2017. She said that democracy was a step-by-step process She also expressed that the sooner the government began the consultation process on political reform the better. Moreover, regarding the comments made by NPC Law Committee Chairman Qiao Xiaoyang that any candidate would have to love Hong Kong, love China and not oppose the central government, Leung said that these were obvious criteria. She noted that if Hong Kong people were “stupid enough” to vote for a candidate who did not fulfill these criteria, they should not blame Beijing for the consequences.


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