Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

Condensed news – see the headlines below!

We moved to a new format for news summaries. Previously Kreab Gavin Anderson Hong Kong provided three abstracts of the top stories in the Cantonese press. Feedback was the overviews were useful, but not broad enough to capture all the news in Hong Kong. Today we move to a new format where we provide the headlines of the top stories across most major daily newspapers in Hong Kong – English and Chinese.

Leading Issues

l   The continuing roll-out of China’s Business VAT. This will have an impact on many businesses.

l   Questions over export numbers

l   Loans rise precipitously (factors into the credit worries that led to China’s downgrade by Fitch)



l   HK: Manslaughter trial for boat captains

-Skippers of the Lamma IV and the Sea Smooth will appear in court today


l   HK: Talks to end strike complicated by rival unions

-Contractors meet one camp, then hold separate negotiations after lunch


l   HK: Democrat’s poll plan meets poor reception

-Martin Lee puts forward plan of fielding five candidates


l   China: Ex-railways chief charged with bribery in potential prelude to Bo Xilai trial


l   China: Livestock ban as virus spreads

-Nanjing tells residents to cull their domestic animals by Tuesday to stem spread of H7N9


l   Pollution devastates rural areas, threatens farmland

-Official says improper sewage treatment, high rate of fertilizer waste risks agricultural land




l   SAFE fears RQFII quota applications will be too hard to manage

-Institutions that transfer quotas will be fined


l   China exports rise 10 percent in line with expectations

-At 14.1 percent, rise in imports far exceeds expectations


l   First negotiations with dock workers do not yield results


Sing Tao


l   Wheelock and Company wins HK$2.5 billion tender for Tseung Kwan O land


l   Li Ka-shing enters the fray, negotiations see a ray of light


l   Nicholas Ng’s continuation as Chairman of the Public Service Commission is “strange”


l   Students avoid answering questions about June 4 on their high school diploma exams




l   Customs official says NDRC has already approved 7 trillion yuan in new investment


l   Business VAT to be rolled out nationally on 1 August


l   1.06 trillion in new yuan loans in March

-FX reserves at US$3.44 trillion


l   Customs official responds to statistical disparities between Hong Kong and the mainland




l   H7N9: Confirmed cases at 33, nine dead


l   Customs official responds to suspicions that export figures are hollow


l   Business VAT experiment to be expanded


l   NDRC not yet ready for oil price mechanism reforms


l   Hurun says property industry gives the most to charity


l   1.06 trillion yuan in new loans for March up 515 billion yuan year-on-year


l   Ministry of Land and Resources says illegal activities related to national resources are down


l  Liu Zhijun faces charges


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