Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

The top news from all of Hong Kong’s newspapers today is below – enjoy your reading!


l   HK: Rising costs plunge poor into despair

-New study says poor suffer from anxiety over inflation


l   HK: Green light for state firms may herald a rebound in IPOs

-Sinopec Engineering and China Galaxy Securities brighten market prospects


l   HK: Owners are held liable for illegal land-filling by intruders on their property


l   China: North Korea a test for new leaders

-Many now believe Pyongyang’s belligerence is undermining China’s interests


l   China: China, US to form group on climate change


l   China: Graft busters shy on disclosure of assets

-February meeting of national anti-corruption body reveals lack of support for move to compel party officials to declare their wealth


Sing Tao


l   Striking dock workers between rock and hard place

-They must keep their jobs but are reportedly being replaced by South Asian strikebreakers


l   85 percent of Hong Kong people are anxious over inflation


l   Businesses would have to pay out HK$50 billion more if overtime pay were mandated





l   Li Keqiang: Policy should not become a stumbling block to further development

Says local governments should engage in reform to raise employment and incomes


l   Customs official says there was no basis to previous claim that the NDRC had approved 7 trillion yuan in investments


l   CIC says that goals of CSRC circular that aims to restrict wealth management by commercial banks will be hard to attain


l   Chinese demand pushes European baby formula suppliers to implement restrictions




l   13 dead from H7N9 as virus spreads


l   First-quarter GDP figures to be announced today, growth may be at 8 percent


l   End of the 12-year gold bull market as international gold prices plummet


l   Plan to upgrade the construction steel industry may have to be put off


l   Detailed plan for restructuring railways ministry released


l   Li Keqiang’s comments on reform


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