Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

“We’re making news? Again?!?”


l   HK: Pandemic warning over bird flu virus

-Hong Kong expert says H7N9 could pose a bigger threat than H5N1

l   HK: Insurance likely to rise in risky property market

-Head of Mortgage Corporation hints at review of prices to manage firms’ exposure

l   HK: Striking dockers set to escalate action

l   China: China slowdown a test for Li Keqiang

-Economy grew at lower than expected rate in first quarter

l   China: Rare praise for reformer Hu Yaobang

-Hu was a reformist who was purged in 1987

l   China: China and Iceland sign free trade pact

-May aid Beijing’s bid to boost its influence in the Arctic

Sing Tao

l   In supermarkets, Wyeth formula price up 40 percent, eggs and canned fish up 18 percent

-Overall supermarket price rises greatly exceed inflation

l   Leung Kwok-heung calls for 800 changes to the budget

-Pro-establishment lawmakers say it would take 320 days to discuss them all


l   HIT says that its container handling is at 86 percent

Union says bottom line for worker pay rises is 18 percent



l   First-quarter GDP growth lower than expectations at 7.7 percent

Future policies expected to support growth, although property market inflationary pressures and relatively high leverage will limit the scale of stimulus measures

l   CBRC moves to restrict local financing platform loan issuance

l   Several property companies must pay fines for not receiving advance booking approval

l   Consumer rights protection law will undergo its first deliberation


l   14 dead from H7N9

l   First-quarter GDP growth below expectations

l   CBRC controls local government financing platform loans

l   NDRC levies fines against developers

l   Party head of China’s Social Security Fund recommends raising retirement ages by one year every five years

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