Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

All this and it costs more, too!



l   HK: 2.7 percent rise in MTR fares from June

-Rail operator will have to give concessions to passengers for delays over half and hour


l   HK: HK generates small dip in greenhouse gas emissions

-Switch to cleaner fuel by power companies cited


l   HK: Bid to stop endless debate on budget


l   HK: Dock contractor sweetens pay offer


l   China: Beijing lays out security priorities

-Defense white paper vows stronger military and criticizes US pivot to Asia-Pacific


l   China: New call for top leaders to declare assets


Sing Tao


l   MTR to raise fares by 2.7 percent


l   Food and Health Secretary says government will not stop sales of mainland chickens


l   Leung Chun-ying urges potential budget filibuster supporters to think of the public interest




l   Defendants in the Gelin Company gutter oil case get heavy sentences


l   Goldman Sachs: China’s debt-to-GDP ratio will continue to rise


l   Citic Securities’ Executive General Manager for Fixed Income for unclear “economic problems”


l   CIRC raises the upper shareholding limit for individual shareholders of insurance companies from 20 percent to 51 percent





l   77 confirmed H7N9 cases and 16 deaths


l   Housing land plan for this year points to 50 percent increase from 2012 but a decrease from 2011


l   State Council says that food standards clean-up to be finished by end of the year


l   Over half of investors think their second-quarter situation will improve, and almost 80 percent are worried about the restart of IPO activity


l   Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to the “Pacific Dream” of the US


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