Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

If you’re coming to Hong Kong for Golden Week in May, leave your pet birds at home. Safety will be stepped up to ensure H7N9 doesn’t cross the border with the hundreds of thousand Mainland Chinese visitors.



l   HK: Bird flu warnings for golden week

-Safety advice handed to hotels and travel agents ahead of holiday invasion


l   HK: Search for missing crew after barges collide in fog


l   HK: HK employers win over staff, survey finds

-MTR, Swire Properties and CLP beat foreign firms


l   HK: Beleaguered dock contractor to close down


l   China: Trading band of yuan to be wider

-Yi Gang: Currency’s pricing system to be altered soon


l   China: Two held over asset campaign

-The lawyer and the activist took part in a street campaign to push officials to disclose assets


Sing Tao


l   Global Stevedoring announces it will close


l   Six mainlanders missing after barges collide in fog


l   Pro-establishment lawmakers call on LegCo president to combine over 700 amendment requests into 50 to prevent filibuster


l   Restrictions on milk powder in original packaging will not be changed in the first half of the year





l   Xingye Bank believes the yuan trading band will widen to 2.5 percent


l   Sales in the debt market are up as regulators’ investigation into holdings expands


l   New railways SOE says there is still no concrete plan for reform of 18 railway bureaus


l   Xinhua says that story of Xi Jinping’s taxi ride is fake





l   Foreign Affairs Ministry says that Japan should not send more planes out to Diaoyus


l   Wenzhou Mayor promises to swim in the river after pollution is cleaned up


l   High Court identifies six classic cases of incorrect behavior


l   First open budgets of central government agencies released


l   Timeline for the creation of a business VAT


l   Price of housing land rises 1.77 percent in first quarter


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