Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

Protests this weekend in Hong Kong; Dockworkers seeking more pay

Ships are being diverted to Guangdong Province as strikes disrupt Hong Kong ports. Protesters camped outside Cheung Kong Centre in downtown Hong Kong and over the weekend thousands marched.


l   HK: Attack on tycoons with no conscience

-Elsie Tu says things are getting worse in Hong Kong as the wealth gap widens


l   HK: Freed teen slams police after a year of detention

-Lawmaker questions strength of evidence used in court after judge dismisses case


l   HK: DPP wants easier way to seize dirty cash

-Chief prosecutor wants approval to confiscate assets without a criminal conviction


l   HK: Legco head approves filibustering amendments


l   China: Struggle to help quake victims


l   China: China’s low-cost carmakers race up the value chain


l   China: Reform still vital, say business leaders

-Despite slowing growth in China, participants at Boao Forum came to this consensus. The SCMP has a two-page focus on this issue today.


Sing Tao

l   Sichuan earthquake: At least 184 dead, anesthetics used up, people must bite sticks during operations



l   Man tries to kill neighbor by pumping gas through a hole he drilled in wall


l   Financial Secretary points to falling commodity prices as sign of global economic difficulty


l   Labour and Social Welfare Secretary calls for restraint in labor dispute




l   91 listed companies in the earthquake zone report in, most have not been affected



l   Economist Xu Xiaonian: Reform needs more than high-level design


l   Boao consultant: Thought liberation needed in enterprise in ownership structures


l   CSRC firmly opposed to securities transfer and will conduct a check of enterprises to ensure they are in line




l   Li Keqiang: Saving people is the most important in earthquake disaster


l   Storm of black gold in the debt market


l   Processed oil prices to be given their largest downward adjustment of the year on 25 April


l   Ministry of Land and Resources: Water quality is bad under 60 percent of municipal administrative areas


l   Canton Fair shows that the first-quarter export situation is serious


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