Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

“What, me? Spoiled?”

Here’s what’s making news in Hong Kong today.




l   HK: Spoilt generation out for themselves

-City University study warns that parents are turning out a generation of spoiled brats


l   HK: Division likely over quake donation

-Radical pan-democrats threaten to block approval of disaster funding


l   HK: Call for fund to keep historical buildings

-Consultancy proposes a heritage trust to help protect the city’s old buildings


l   China: Japan PM threatens expulsion by force


l   China: Quake rescue weakness exposed

-Military enthusiasts are disappointed that China relies on US and Russian helicopters


l   China: New fears raised on building quality



Sing Tao


l   Consultancy proposes putting HK$900 million into fund for historic building preservation


l   It will be difficult for the HK$100 million aid package allocation for Sichuan to pass LegCo today


l   Tsang received his housing subsidy when he was studying in England


l   Union hopes that the authorities will hold worker-employer talks again

May lower the bottom line of their salary demands




l   SASAC sets up a work group for maintaining growth


l   Goldman Sachs: Weakening export situation is slowing Chinese manufacturing


l   Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau requires traders to investigate their bond transactions


l   Right of revocation may be offered to web purchasing in first revision of Consumer Rights Protection Law in 20 years





l   New central government responding to the test of the earthquake


l   Central bank to consolidate the debt market against backdrop of spreading debt storm


l   SASAC requires central enterprises to have at least 10 percent profit growth


l   Consumer Rights Protection Law undergoes big adjustment


l   First adjustment window under the new oil pricing mechanism will open today


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