Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

Clients are keen to understand what’s happening across all the media in Hong Kong – that’s why we provide the headlines from the day’s top newspapers.



l   HK: ICAC chiefs should be open to investigation, says Lam

-As former ICAC chief Timothy Tong stays silent over meals and gifts , chief secretary stresses all ICAC officers are bound by civil service rules


l   HK: Swire eyes regional growth (Southeast Asia and China)

-Chairman Christopher Pratt opines on HK’s economy and the company’s expansion plans


l   HK: Hong Kong is losing its competitive edge, Beijing warns


l   China: Reduce bird flu fatalities, Li urges health officials



l   China: Military plate ban on luxury cars


Sing Tao


l   Union lowers target salary increase; says it will negotiate


l   Anson Chan says that the other party in negotiations should be the HK government and not the central government’s liaison office


l   Long-term Housing Strategy Steering Committee must hold extra meetings to meet its final report deadline.




l   Credit risk spreads to the petrochemical and construction industries

-CBRC puts out a warning


l   Fall in growth of Chinese enterprise corporate profits, disparity exists in the financial numbers of government enterprises


l   CBRC says financing platform channels are diversifying and becoming more covert


l   Baidu’s complaint of improper competition against Qihu 360 explained





l   Dairy association says that the quality of Chinese baby formula is higher than that of imports, standards are the strictest in the world


l   Revenue from main taxes falls significantly in first quarter, property-related taxes rebound


l   CSRC: IPO examination process not complete


l   Net profit of China’s banking industry rises 50 times in ten years


l   Curtain falls on A-share company reports; company operating income and net profit lowest in four years


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