Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

Our cleaner cousin – pollution on the Pearl River Delta lower than Hong Kong.

Seems the air in the Peral River Delta is cleaner that the air in Hong Kong. That may explain the burn in the back of my throat and the tears in my eyes. Another day in smokey old Central…



l   HK: Golden Week losing luster for businesses

-Traditional Labour Day holiday spending spree may be in danger of falling flat, with arrivals by tour groups from the mainland down on last year


l   HK: Delta air quality improves, but HK still a concern


l   HK: Convicted People Power duo “dishonest, insulting”


l   HK: Homebuyers hail “honest” sales law


l   China: Research to allay milk powder concerns


l   China: Terror group smashed, say police


Sing Tao


l   HK$2.8 billion plan mooted to build tram in Kai Tak in place of monorail


l   Two lawmakers from People Power party found guilty of “unlawful assembly”


l   Union returns to the negotiating table today


l   Residential Property First-hand Sales Ordinance takes effect

-Developers to be held accountable by Justice Department if they violate the ordinance, which is designed to enhance transparency in first-hand property sales


Caixin (No updates today due to holiday)





l   New batch of laws to take effect on 1 May

-Include a “Mental Health Law”, the “Administrative Measures on Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of Import and Export Dairy Products”, the “Administrative measures for the Circulation of Used Electrical and Electronic Products”, and the “Mandatory Motor Vehicle Disposal Standards.”


l   AQSIQ: Foreign formula labels and certifications must be verified through consular offices


l   Alibaba announces 586 million yuan investment plus strategic cooperation with Sina Weibo


l   If you have read this far, please let me know.


l   National Energy Bureau formulates a development plan

Will conduct research into 18 major problems


l   Shenzhen Social Welfare Fund has opened a hotel and hair salon, says that the usage is not illegal



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