Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

Back to work – the strike is over!

Striking dock workers return to work today in light of the successful conclusion of their protests. Also gone is the tent village in front of Cheung Kong Centre and the pedestrian hazards of sharing a small footpath with angry picketers!



l   HK: Dockworkers end strike and agree to wage rise

-Contractors’ written guarantee leads to staff accepting 9.8 percent pay rise


l   HK: Party papers use HK quake fund saga to point finger


l   HK: Mak, Tsang to answer subsidy fraud case


l   China: Beijing cracks down on hot money


l   China: Big step taken towards fully convertible yuan

-State Council says it is preparing plan for internationalized currency


l   China: China wants to chair G20 talks, Xi tells Hollande


Sing Tao


l   Workers only get half of what they want with conclusion of 40-day strike


l   Mak and Tseng must answer fraud allegations, plan to call former Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau head as defense witness


l   Contracted cleaning staff are considering a strike


l   Pan-democrats plan to petition for the establishment of a Legco Select Committee to investigate former ICAC head Timothy Tong





l   State Council arranges for nine economic system reforms this year


l   Economists think April figures will point to weakening recovery


l   Galaxy Securities and Sinopec plan to move ahead with Hong Kong IPOs


l   China becomes Asia-Pacific’s largest commercial property market


l   Nongfu Spring responds to crisis over quality standards





l   State Council arranges for nine economic system reforms this year


l   70 percent of respondents call on authorities to resolve bottled water problem as Nongfu Spring defends itself


l   Many economic numbers to be published this week, with implications for investment, consumption and exports


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