Flattery Gets You Hacked

Whatever you do, don’t comment!

Maintaining a blog is like spitting into the ocean. There must be some impact but it’s hard to measure and impossible to see. I do get daily bar graphs that show me how many people visit the site. Most days it’s acceptable. Other days its average. Of course for bloggers who haven’t posted in months it’s easy to see the limited impact. There are more dead blogs than active ones. Only about 10% of blogs are updated regularly. The others die of good intentions.

But even when you update frequently it’s hard to call this “engagement”. I write, and you read. Every once in a great while I receive a comment – woo hoo! But the news I post and insights I offer aren’t likely to inflame sentiment. After all, this is a blog about politics and business in China. You’ve all successfully contained your excitement.

My blog platform does work overtime to filter out spam (“It’s not just for email anymore!”). I receive dozens of junk comments every day.

But there’s a new tactic in town! Gone are the “comments” advertising cheap Air Jordan Nikes. Instead I get wonderful praise, like this:



It’s rather heady stuff! Where do I get my information? Great topic! I need to spend more time learning. Anyone would love to have this form of feedback.

Sadly, it’s not praise. It’s spam. The email comes from Car Insurance No Down Payment UK. If I approve that comment then the writer is pre-approved to fill my site with lots more inane comments. And the next ones are likely to be advertisements for his products. The repeated mentions mean his comments push his brand further up the search engines (search engines find lots and lots of mentions of his products!).

So if you like this post don’t do anything. Don’t comment. Don’t recommend it to a friend. And please – don’t try to advertise on my site.


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