Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

The lobby of the JW Marriott in Hong Kong – just one of this city’s many fine hotels.

Hong Kong has some of the world’s best hotels – and prices to match! Seems they may be on the rise with the increased cost of property. Get out your Black American Express!



l   HK: Hoteliers’ anger at steep rise in property rates

-Increases in government rates branded as unreasonable by hotel owners


l   HK: “No rules broken” in cross-lease of flats

-Former civil-service secretary says the practice of cross-leasing flats was common in the 1980s


l   HK: Tong’s hospitality as chief of customs raises eyebrows

-More allegations emerge of ex-ICAC head’s extravagant treatment of mainland officials


l   China: China cuts ties with North Korean bank


l   China: Pentagon report accuses China of cyber espionage

-Beijing attacks the claim as groundless


l   China: Chemical plant vow met with skepticism

-Kunming authorities say they are still deliberating on plans to build PX plant


Sing Tao


l   With the strike over, sources of tension remain as workers discover that previously offered benefits are included in the salary increase


l   17 Hong Kong people hurt in bus crash in Guangxi


l   Competition Commission hopes that enforcement guidelines will be set next year


l   Leung says that government will not apply for an interim budget allocation in face of filibuster





l   NDRC Development Planning official says that urban agglomerations do not come from government planning and that the NDRC is gathering opinions on its urbanization plans


l   Bain: High-net-worth individuals are continuing to put assets abroad


l   China Merchants’ Bank report says that only 25 percent of entrepreneurs hope their children will take over the business


l   Ministry of Environmental Protection calls on its offices to step up supervision of emissions reduction




l   China Railway Corporation asks for 830 million yuan in support


l   Yuan rises above 6.2 to the dollar


l   Faced with problems at China Merchants’ Bank, Executive Director Ma Weihua might step down


l   Problematic mutton in Shanghai involves 13 hotpot enterprises



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