Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

We want democracy, but more than that we want orderliness. A poll put out by Beijing says Hong Kongers do not support the Occupy Central movement. Maybe if it were tidier?



l   HK: Citywide poll bid for 2017 vote panel

-Pan-democrats want one man, one vote to choose nominating committee, but rivals say this might flout Basic Law


l   HK: Survey blow to Occupy Central

-Poll shows more people back keeping order than democracy, Beijing warns on protest plan


l   HK: Beijing loyalists set to dominate Tong inquiry


l   China: People’s Daily challenges sovereignty of Okinawa


l   China: More help for farmers to boost meat supplies


Sing Tao


l   With the strike over, sources of tension remain as workers discover that previously offered benefits are included in the salary increase


l   True Democracy Alliance calls for democratic election of nominating committee


l   New People’s Party tells head of Beijing’s liaison office that pan-democrats should not be screened out of the 2017 election


l   Authorities may call for 20 percent of newly constructed units to be set aside for young people




l   NDRC calls on underwriters to stop using agreed pricing in debt issuance

Encourages the use of book building instead


l   April CPI rises 2.4 percent in line with expectations, according to NBS


l   First-quarter dim-sum bond issuance is 45 percent of all of last year


l   Guangzhou mulls writing declarations of assets by officials into law




l   NBS: April CPI rises 2.4 percent, PPI falls 2.6 percent


l   CSRC Vice-Chairman Zhuang Xinyi says innovation and risk control must be balanced


l   State Council’s goal in calling for capital market reforms is balanced development of investment and financing


l   Netizens question Transport Ministry’s expressway toll management regulations



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