Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

Source: Reuters Media

Business news continues to be dominated by the punitive tariffs put in place on Chinese solar panels by the European Union. Here’s what’s making news in Hong Kong today.



l   HK: Lu Ping sounds a warning on influx of mainlanders

-Ex Beijing official says visit scheme is too open but urges locals to respect mainlanders’ feelings


l   HK: Pan-democrats’ proposal may run into a brick wall

-Elsie Leung says 2017 suggestion goes against NPC Standing Committee decision


l   HK: Police chief defends activists’ arrest


l   China: China brushes off Japan’s protest over Okinawa


l   China: Shenzhen push for reform and innovation

-Development of Qianhai-Shenzhen-HK cooperation zone part of three-year plan


Sing Tao


l   Leung supporter has provided assistance to the Occupy Central movement


l   Leung rules out giving in to lawmakers’ conditions to end filibuster

-Warns of a fiscal cliff if the matter is not resolved soon


l   Lu Ping: If the chief executive opposes Beijing, Hong Kong will be “done for”




l   China opposes European punitive duties on photovoltaic panels

Encourages more negotiation to solve the problem


l   PBC: Maintain reasonable liquidity for the banking system


l   Ministry of Environmental Protection discovers 55 enterprises that are polluting groundwater in North China


l   China Railway Construction admits entertainment expenses are too high and pledges to reduce them by 10 percent




l   Price per ton of diesel to rise by 95 yuan


l   Rise in CPI leads to much discussion over fall in interest rates


l   PBC sounds alarm over asset pool risks


l   Using trading channels to bring in hot money: Same product can be exported to Hong Kong 80 times per day



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