Ripped from the Headlines: Hong Kong News Today

Lawyer Michael Vidler discusses the verdict.

It appears that you cannot buy a hotel suite, or at least the ones offered by Cheung Kong at Apex Horizon. Leading the news however is a High Court decision allowing a transgender woman to marry her boyfriend. Here’s what’s making news in Hong Kong today.



l   HK: HK$1.4 billion of sales at top hotel cancelled

-Watchdog rules that deals for Cheung Kong’s suites in Apex Horizon broke law


l   HK: Transsexual granted right to wed

-Landmark ruling by top court redefines word “woman” in marriage system, say legal experts


l   HK: Opinion divided as LegCo chief cuts off filibuster

Pan-democrats outraged but pro-Beijing camp welcomes move


l   HK: Offshore tax havens “big contributor” to poverty

-Charity says top UK firms, including HSBC, are helping to siphon funds to places like Hong Kong


l   China: Sea drills to step up pressure on Manila


l   Social Media seen as new weapon in graft-busting


Sing Tao


l   Apex Horizon sales cancelled as SFC determines the sales were part of a “Collective Investment Scheme”


l   Court refuses to take up free-to-air TV license delay case, saying the review of the applications had not yet been reached


l   Jasper Tsang moves to end filibuster, legislators begin a war of words


l   Transsexual to be allowed to marry after winning lawsuit




l   Telecoms industry trials value-added tax; profits to be hurt, tax burden clearly increases


l   Negative growth of central government finances for second month in a row


l   Credit Lyonnais Securities says that China’s debt level has reached historic highs


l   CBRC Vice-Chairman Cai E’Sheng retires; Yan Qingmin, Yang Jiacai are promoted




l   Government decides to remove Liu Tienan from his position


l   Regarding changing government responsibilities, Li Keqiang says that some powers must be let go


l   Li says that controlling food safety is about preventing crises


l   Central government finances once again experience negative growth



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