China Research – May 2013 – Updates on Banking, Insurance and Securities Regulation

Available on a monthly basis, the Financial Regulatory Updates of Kreab Gavin Anderson Research-Asia provide summaries of regulatory changes in China’s Securities, Banking and Insurance industries. In May, major changes included the following:



State Council calls for capital account liberalization

CSRC issues new measures for fund management market entry and fund servicing institutions

HKMEx surrenders its trading license

CSRC releases information on a preferred stock pilot



PBC releases detailed rules on the domestic accounts of RQFII investors

SAFE announces new controls over FX inflows

Leadership changes occur at the CBRC and CIC



CIRC introduces insurance company categories that will serve as the basis of regulation

CIRC announces a regulatory framework for second-generation solvency requirements


For more information, please consult the attached PDF newsletter files. If you have questions on how the included regulatory changes impact your business, or if you wish to unsubscribe from these newsletters, contact Kreab Gavin Anderson Research-Asia today.

May – Insurance  – May – Securities  – May – Banking

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