How Government Policy Gets Made in China

Despite the openness of the Chinese market to foreign businesses, many foreign enterprises still have a relatively poor understanding of the Chinese policymaking environment. Consequently, when confronted with the need to influence national or local policy outcomes, they do not know where to start.

Kreab Gavin Anderson Research-Asia’s latest political report aims to provide foreign firms with a basic understanding of the Chinese policymaking process while explaining how a communications consultancy can help secure positive outcomes in the country, at the national and local levels. Specifically, the report:

Provides a high-level systemic overview;

Explains the roles of planning and benchmarking;

Introduces the various policymaking actors and the policymaking process;

Discusses variations in policymaking and implementation environments between localities; and

Provides information on the advantages of communications consultancies in the Chinese context.

Please feel free to distribute this report, internally or externally, as you see fit: Policymaking in China

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