Research Report: Opportunities and Challenges in China’s Food and Beverage Industry

Feeding a large nation requires thoughtful regulation.

For foreign enterprises in the food and beverage industry, the Chinese market has never seemed so appetizing. Demographic changes are forging a wealthier population that is increasingly demanding a more diverse set of food options. However, the challenges of operating in China can be enormous.

Kreab Gavin Anderson Research-Asia has created a China food and beverage industry special report that highlights:

  •     Changes in Chinese food and beverage spending since 2005;
  •     Growth in the wholesale and retail segments;
  •     Expansion of transport networks and opportunities for distributors;
  •     The challenging competitive landscape;
  •     Persistent supply chain problems;
  •     The regulatory environment; and
  •     The inconsistency of regulation and enforcement.

The report concludes with suggestions on establishing a stakeholder-communications program in China.

Please feel free to distribute this report, internally or externally, as you see fit.

Kreab Gavin Anderson Research-Asia China Food and Beverage Industry Spotlight

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